A manifesto of everyday struggles

A manifesto of everyday struggles

(January 2019)

We see ourselves as seekers and we fight for a different society: worldwide social and ecological just, all people included and with equal rights, peaceful, self-determined and self-organized. We say „struggles“ and mean the everyday process. Because everyday life decides. At least most of all.

We come from different social movements and are already in exchange. But we want more: a comprehensive search process for a common perspective. For a solidary alternative against cold neoliberalism and even more against the racism of right-wing populists. We know what we are demanding today and why. Tomorrow that may expand or change. The day after tomorrow there may be entirely new challenges. We want to learn together to remain open.

We are active, every day. In local initiatives and associations, in transnational networks. In small groups or larger organisations. We fight against injustice on our doorstep and in the big world. Because everything is connected. No wealth without poverty, no participation without exclusion, no growth without destruction, no peace without war, no power without oppression. A complicated structure of injustice that has grown over centuries and that we face in innumerable places in many different ways. We wish for something greater to emerge from everyday small things.

Conditions cry out for change! There are alternatives and there is enough on this planet for everyone. In this we want to encourage each other. We want more exchange and understanding, also about contradictions in and between the social movements. And not least about the question of what a good life means for everyone.

We have very different experiences and stories. Impatiently we demand immediate changes now and today. Patiently we discuss how the world could look in 30 years. We move between immediate claims, strategical demands  and utopias. „Our joint initiative is called „In which society do we want to live?!“. The exclamation mark stands for irreconcilability with the predominant conditions. And we proceed with questions. We have no generally valid solutions, at most intermediate steps in a common learning process. With a compass towards a fairer society.

Anne Pinnow & Christopher Laumanns/Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie Leipzig; Volker Moerchen & Olaf Bernau/nolager Bremen; Ullrike Hamann & Sandy Kaltenborn/Kotti & Co Berlin; Michael Fütterer & Heiner Köhnen/transnationals information exchange (tie) Frankfurt; Marion Bayer & Hagen Kopp/kein mensch ist illegal Hanau; Steffen Haag/VisaWie Ludwigsburg; Carl Waßmuth, Gemeingut in BürgerInnenhand (GiB); Jessica Reisner/Aktion Arbeitsunrecht Köln; Hermann Mahler/attac Duisburg; Timmo Scherenberg/Hessischer Flüchtlingsrat Frankfurt; Mag Wompel/Labournet Dortmund; Nadja Rakowitz/Verein demokratischer Ärztinnen und Ärzte Maintal; Tobias Huth/Gewerkschaftssekretär Offenbach; Antirassistische Gruppe Internationale Solidarität/Darmstadt; Heike Karau & Thomas Lutz/Rojava-Solidarität Hanau; Maurice Stierl/WatchTheMed Alarm Phone Berlin; Kirsten Huckenbeck/Redaktion express Frankfurt;  Newroz Duman/Jugendliche ohne Grenzen Hessen; Ulrich Berger/Berlin; Thomas Lechner/Gemeinsam für Menschenrechte und Demokratie München; Reinhard Treue/kein mensch ist illegal Darmstadt; Wolli Kanz/Alarm Phone München; Still No one is illegal-Meet up Kassel; Plattform Solidarity City Kassel; Miriam Edding/Stiftung :do Hamburg; Visa Wie? – Gegen diskriminierende Visaverfahren; Daniel Bendix/Kassel postkolonial?; Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte, Berlin; Anne Jacobi/Degrowth Kassel; Marita Blessing, frauen- und menschenrechte aktiv; Elisabeth Voss/Solidarisch Wirtschaften für eine Welt ohne Grenzen, Berlin; Bobby Langer/ökoligenta Würzburg; Decolonize Jena!; Bildungskollektiv knoten.punkte Jena; Baukje Dobberstein/BGE statt Braunkohle Hannover; Harald Rein & Hinrich Garms/Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft prekäre Lebenslagen (BAG-PLESA), Ffm/Offenbach; Ronald Blaschke/Netzwerk Grundeinkommen, Berlin; 

Contact: welche-gesellschaft@riseup.net